Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is a loose association of second story-men, con-artists and fences who pride themselves of being able to obtain anything for the right price. The nature of the high value items they steal means that their heists occur mainly in the The Old City and in Inner Resk.


The guild is a loose network, more a register of names and a supply chain than anything else. Their operations normally start with a client approaching one of the guild’s fences who then puts a team together for the job. Usually the fence will put a team together using guild members he knows personally or using people from the guilds register that have a specialised skill set.
If a job looks to be easy or low risk a fence might sometimes recruit a promising freelancer for the team. If these freelancers perform well over a number of missions they are invited to join the guild, adding their name to the register and being allowed access to the guild’s resources.
Once the job is done the Fence is responsible for sharing out the profits and for taking the guild’s cut. The role of the Fence is one of great responsibility and fences who betray their teams or the guild generally end up dead shortly after.

The guilds cut goes towards maintaining a number of safehouses in Resk, paying informants in the City Guard and bribing other city officials.

Thieves Guild

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