Beggar and Spear


The inn is a single storey timber framed building, with roughly hewn wooden tables and benches. It is exceptionally filthy, and dimly lit by the hearth and a few torches. Accomodations consist of woolen blankets near the hearth.

The innkeeper is an absent-minded female elf named Cori. She keeps a pair of sharp daggers at her belt.

Barley Porridge, Mug of Beer (3 cp) Salted Goose and Dried Watercress, Tankard of Ale (9 cp) Vegetable Stew, Mug of Bitter (4 cp) Buckwheat Porridge, Mug of Beer (4 cp) Vegetable Stew, Mug of Beer (5 cp) Boiled Onion, Mug of Ale (2 cp) Buckwheat Bread and Sharp Cheese, Mug of Mead (2 cp)

Beggar and Spear

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