The Old City

The Old City
The Old City stands where the original city of Resk was and is where the most affluent and powerful of Resk’s citizens make their homes. The Old City contains the following districts.

Valgott Hills

The most prestigous of the Old City’s already prestigous districts. Valgott Hills houses some of the most important people of the city, such as magistrates, lawyers and judges as well as the wealthiest merchants. Valgott Hills also contains sub-district of Pavcil Court where the cities Elven population makes it’s home. Businesses in Valgott hills mainly consist of high end delicatessens and the occasional boutique inn such as The Rose

Eldrin Heights

A large proportion of the population of Eldrin Heights is made up of the Halfling financiers, money lenders and bankers of the city. As a result it has a large selection of fine restaurants such as the Fur foot Brasserie and The Stewpot


Newgate is the largest of The Old City’s districts and contains much of it’s shopping opportunities, boasting a large highstreet with various bookbinders, tailors, candle sellers and rugmakers. It also boasts Seventh Sanctumsupplier of magic arms and armour to The Countess and her guard, and The Scroll a high end purveyor of magical scrolls and grimoires. In the centre of Newgate you can find The Halls of the Dog, home of the city’s duelling school, and Teth Arena where spectacular gladitorial bouts are put on for the public’s amusement.

The Old City

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