Melting Quarter

The Melting Quarter is a vibrant and multicultural part of Resk and home to most of the city’s Goblin, Dwarf and Orc populations. It is also the locations of the mines and smithies that support Resk’s economy. Many of the buildings of the melting quarter are ramshackle at best due to the poverty of the areas Goblin and Orc populations. The Melting Quarter is split up into a number of sub districts as follows.

The Sinks
Slums even by the Melting Quarter’s standards, vast numbers of Goblins and Orcs live in a cramped shanty town whose main high street and thoroughfare is affectionately named by the residents as The River of Shit. Notable locations within The Sinks includes Madam Bodenz’ Fortune telling and Elixirs and Gdumet Bonesnappers armoury. Whilst down on their luck travellers may find accommodation in the Beggar and Spear or the Shitstraddle

Guard Ward
Originally Home to the city’s military this area is now largely given over to smithies producing the large number of blades and armour that Resk exports. Amongst the smoke and fires of the district can be found Otto’s Swords which has a reputation making the finest blades in the city both mundane and magical, The House of Words where scribes and enchanters ply their crafts and Tanjakalo a subterranean casino and bar owned by the notorious Goblin Tes Foulthief.


Melting Quarter

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