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Welcome to Resk – The City of Shadow.

The intention is for this to be a gritty campaign with noir-ish undertones done in a traditional fantasy setting. it will be run using D&D3.5 ruleset which is available for free on an OGL here
The Vitality and Wound Points variant rule will be used.

Resk is a city of 10,000 inhabitants built on the River Korkil. It is part of a loose confederation of city states in this part of the world.

Demographics (approximate)

Human 4000
Halfling 900
Half-Orc 700
Orc 500
Goblin 1900
Elf 300
Gnome 250
Dwarf 250
half elf 200
Undead Labour (skeletons + Zombies) 900
Other 100

Several hundred years ago, large metal ore deposits were discovered beneath what is now the Melting Quarter. This has resulted in Resk’s primary exports being metalwork and arms.


Resk is a feudal system ruled by The Countess, advised by the Council of 6. In addition a number of wealthy merchants and guilds have more than a little political sway.
currently The Countess is The Lady Esmerelda Von Cathstein.

Climate, Resk has a humid continental climate. Summers are typically warm, rainy, and humid, while winters are cold, windy, and snowy. Spring and autumn are usually mild.

Wards Resk is known for it’s multilayered sub-divisions however it’s three main districts are: The Old City The earliest part of Resk and it is home to the wealthiest of Resk’s citizens in includes Resk Citadel The Countess‘s home and the seat of government in Resk.
Inner Resk the largest of the main wards by some margin, home to most of Resk’s population, the major guilds, merchants and to the city’s bank
The Melting Quarter Home to Resk’s underclasses, large foundries, and the rich mines that led to the city’s wealth.

The Religions of Resk are comprised of a pantheon of related deities.

Crime in Resk is rife, with several Goblin crime families involved in blackmail, extortion, racketeering and the supply of illegal narcotics.
In addition to this a thriving Thieves Guild is active within the city as well as small groups of organised pickpockets made up of street urchins.


Main Page

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